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I begin every March the same way, googling best warm climate locations to live in. My family has been on  house arrest since late November with frigid temperatures and inches and inches of snow keeping us indoors. So by March I'm ready to move south. This year was particularly difficult with a new baby. For the first time in my life I joined the local gym. You should know, I'm not athletic and I hate the gym. The thought of trying to figure out how to get an unfamiliar treadmill to turn on while in my gym shorts gives me hives. And I am never more aware of how unattractive I am while sweating when I'm working out next to My Dream Barbie who never even glistens and sips water from a bottle that matches her perfectly styled yoga pants. But this year I did it. That's how desperate things got. Now, I enjoy 2 hours of uninterrupted alone time while my children play in childcare. I can say I have never enjoyed working out before in my life...until now. 

By April, warmer temperatures are on the horizon and while a freak snow storm isn't unheard of, the ground has thawed enough nothing sticks around for too long. 

By May, I suddenly remember why I love the great state of Minnesota. Yards are green. The trees are budding and cherry blossoms are covering my driveway. I'm itching to get into the garden and begin planting all our favorites like spinach and bib lettuce. And finally...FINALLY, the kids can play outside, wrestling, getting dirty and screaming without me having to remind them to keep their voices down..the baby is sleeping.

 This year, our love for spring is unequivocally reflected in our latest line at Piccolo Pesca. Floral fabrics in both muted and vibrant hues are enhanced by sunny yellow cottons and bright white trims. This line is our opportunity to pull back the grays of winter and tip our head to the sun. I can't wait to see your little ones styled in our latest round of pinafores and dresses, their imaginations inspired by our woodland animals. And it definitely helps that our pinafores are perfect for twirling in ;) 


Emily and Katie


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